10 Best Electric Leaf Blowers Reviews & Buying Guide 2019

Instead of raking the leaves, try blowing them away with a best leaf blower or vacuum. With this new best leaf blower, consumers can also clean away dirt, vacuum, and even chop leaves into bits. Therefore, if you’re looking for the most powerful leaf blower, you’ve come to the right place!

There are so many models of cordless best leaf blowers. This makes purchasing the right or the most powerful cordless leaf blower very difficult. Many consumers claim to deliver high air velocity and reduce the noise level. However, customers end up paying high prices for leaf vacuum devices that provide low air pressure and disturbing “growling” noises. Not only that, but few consumers complain about the short battery life their best leaf blower allows, only giving up to fifteen minutes of cleanup time.

In this article we have done the work for shoppers. We have rounded up and compared some of the greatest names in best leaf blowers. By gathering vital information such as weight, battery life, vacuum abilities and even if the product provides cruise control capabilities, shoppers will be sure to purchase the right choice for their lifestyle. Included in this helpful guide are reviews by real customers that tell the truth about their experiences. Your quest to find the best battery operated blower starts here, with best leaf blower ratings.

Best Cordless Leaf Blowers Comparison

16.8 Ibs 30 mins. Yes 18 V 473 120
4.7 of 5

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5.2 Ibs. 15 mins Yes 2.0Ah & 56-Volt 480 92
4.6 of 5

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8.2 Ibs. 70 min Yes 80V 500 125
4.5 of 5

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4.3 Ibs 18 mins No 18V LXT 91 116
4.3 of 5

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9.7 Ibs 15 mins. Yes 20V 400 90
4.3 of 5

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3.7 Ibs. 12 mins. No 20V 120 120
4.1 of 5

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4.1 Ibs 20 mins. Yes 32V 80 120
4.1 of 5

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3.3 Ibs. 30 mins Yes 40V 135 150
4 of 5

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3.7 Ibs. 25 mins Yes 20V 100 130
3.9 of 5

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3.2 Ibs 15 mins. Yes 24V 135 130
3.9 of 5

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Best Cordless Leaf Blowers Reviews

Makita XBU02PT Cordless Blower Review

The Makita 18V LXT unleashes exciting new features unknown to others in its field. Consumers who have used this high-powered leaf blower experience convenience while getting the job done. The initial 18jV Lithium-ion cordless model was first created in the year 2005. Since then, Makita has grown to be a popular brand for cordless tools. This is all due to its long history of providing excellent performance, challenging older leaf blowers. The Makita 18V LXT operates on high amp-hour batteries, enabling consumers to enjoy uninterrupted cleaning without extra hassle.

Makita XBU02PT


  • Built-In Motor – The Makita cordless leaf blower has built in features that produces great air velocity up to 120 mph. With this ability, cleaning up leaves has never been so much easier and faster! This cordless electric leaf blower organizes the messiest yard of leaves in minutes.
  • Double Housing Structure – Unlike noisy models, the Makita 18V keeps noise levels to a minimum. In addition, this item includes an additional sponge inside of the housing to further prevent loud noises. Consumers can get the toughest jobs done without all the extra sounds. Sound pressure measures up to 60.2 Db(A) per ANSI B 175.2 standard.
  • Two 18v LXT Batteries – If your leaf cleaning job requires gas-power, best leaf blower includes an additional two 18v batteries.
  • 3x Faster Charging – The Makita cordless leaf blower includes a LXT Rapid Optimum Charger offering three times the charging ability.


  • Does not require gas or oil
  • Low noise
  • Instant start up
  • Portable
  • Easy to store


  • Low battery life

What customers say about the Makita 18V LXT

One customer shares his enjoyable experience operating his cordless leaf blower. He mentions that his unit creates a hurricane-like blow when its batteries are fully charged. In fact, when it is on its highest setting, his garden blower feels like it could fly. This happy customer shares that his is excited about the Brushless motor which operates very smoothly without vibrating. The build is, in fact, bulky, however, the handheld leaf blower does come in handy for his yard jobs.

Another satisfied customer tells how his Makita 18V LXT leaf blower is a great convenience to his lifestyle. He often deals with back problems that often hinder his productivity. Opting for a Makita leaf blower, he has found an excellent product that is lightweight and easier to handle than other corded leaf blowers.

EGO POWER + Cordless Electric Blower Review

If consumers are searching for a blower that does not require extra charging and operates without the extra hassle, the EGO Power Blower is the right choice for the job. In fact, this lithium battery leaf blower has been known to be the most advanced rechargeable blower on shelves today. It blows the competition out of the water with its incredible performance, making it the top pick over gas-powered tools.



  • Turbine Fan Engineering – The EGO Power cordless leaf blower delivers up to 480 CFM
  • High performance brushless motor
  • Versatile Battery – 2.0 Ah Power and ARC lithium battery which can be easily used with any EGO Power devices and chargers
  • Built to last in any weather – When the experts at EGO Power created this cordless blower, they had all weather elements in mind. Due to its superb weather resistance, consumers can use this blower in all types of conditions.
  • Short charge time – Product charges for approximately 40 minutes and includes battery and charger
  • Ergonomic Design – Enables excellent user support and ease while in use
  • Variable Control – Speed control from 250 CFM to 480 CFM.


  • Long run time up to one hour
  • High speed turbo fan engineering
  • Usable in all weather
  • Quick to set up and use
  • Comfortable construction


  • Short battery life

What customers have to say about the EGO Power

One customer shares his love for the EGO Power brand and his new cordless electric blower. He mentions that he enjoys the products by this brand so much that he has purchased all their tools and mowers. Just recently he made the choice to add this blower to the list and has found that this product is just as impressive. This satisfied customer also mentions that his leaf blower has much power and battery life for all his yard jobs.

Another consumer mentions his satisfaction with purchasing the EGO Power Blower. He mentions that the blower has excellent battery power. After using a gas leaf blower that made a lot of unnecessary noise and required 10 pulls, he is happy to have found a cordless leaf blower that he can just insert the battery and go. Now let’s check more leaf blower reviews!

Greenworks PRO GBL80300 Review

Clean your yard the right way with the Greenworks PRO blower. This tool noise regulation, teamed up with its efficient air power blowing up to 125-mph in speed. Unlike many other cordless models, this product includes one of the best batteries for longer run time and an indicator to tell whether (or not) the device needs to recharge. This lightweight option is great to simply use with one hand and can be stored very easily. The Greenworks cordless blower combines convenience and quality all in one machine to help buyers save on extra products, being one of the best leaf removing items.

Greenworks PRO GBL80300


  • Excellent Performance – Cleans debris over the toughest surfaces like walkways, driveways, patios, and decks.
  • High-Powered Battery – The included 80-Volt lithium ion battery boosts clean up time and sustains a longer battery life. No more unexpected battery malfunctions.
  • Fast Charger – Charge 40-Volt battery in only one hour!
  • Built-in Scraper – The BLACK+DECKER sweeper comes with a built-in scraper that picks up even the toughest debris.
  • Low Noise Levels – The BLACK+DECKER cordless leaf blower has amazing sound regulation abilities rated at 60 dBA. No more loud sounds to disturb neighbors while operating.


  • High Performance Lithium battery
  • Run time up to 70
  • Prevents noise pollution – great for sound sensitive areas
  • Relatively quick charge
  • Light weight – convenient to use and store after
  • Picks up hard-to-clean debris
  • Excellent battery power – 80-Volt lithium ion
  • Multi-purpose- saves on purchasing additional products


  • Holding it at a downward angled position for more than 15 minutes becomes uncomfortable

What customers say about the Greenworks PRO GBL80300

One customer shares his positive experience with the Greenworks PRO GBL80300 leaf blower. He mentions that he has tried other corded options in but grew frustrated with fumbling over wires as well as storing the item after use. After purchasing the Greenworks PRO cordless leaf blower he now stores his old blowers in the garage. He shares that this is a great product for quick tasks that require you to get the job done in limited time. With this product, he can simply charge the battery and use the blower in record time. Not only that, but he also enjoys that this item does not make a lot of noise as he lives in a quiet area.

Another customer says he found everything he hoped for in the Greenworks cordless blower. After using other handheld blower products that claimed to deliver high performance, this product showed itself quite well. It sweeps hard surfaces and debris without the frustrations of dealing with extra wires and extension cords. The item comes fully assembled. All that is needed is for the customer to attach the tube. After he compared Greenworks PRO to other models, he realized that product is much lighter and can be used with one hand. One of his favorite features is the test button on the battery pack that indicates how much charge is left.

Makita DUB183z Cordless Floor Blower Review

This model of cordless blowers from the brand name Makita is easily the most popular device used for jobs sites and workshops. It is convenient bringing together two dynamic features which include its cordless and light-weight build. The DUB1832 also features a 3-speed motor and high air velocity. Although its battery is sold separately, consumers can greatly benefit from consistent high-speed performance.

Makita DUB183z


  • High air volume – Get up to 91 CFM speed
  • Zero emissions – Does not require gas or oil
  • Ergonomically Designed – Easy handle design equipped with rubber grip
  • Light Weight – Only 4.3 pounds
  • Includes DUB183Z


  • Provides maximum 3-speed power
  • Outstanding performance up to 18 minutes of consistent operation
  • Not much maintenance required
  • Does not require gas or oil
  • Comfortable nozzle


  • Does not blow effectively; rather pulls air in

What customers have to say about the Makita Blower

One long-term customer shares his satisfaction with his new floor blower. He mentions that he has always been an avid Makita tools user. He has used the cordless and electric models without any issues. This cordless leaf blower is his favorite because it is compact, lightweight and can tackle dust, leaves, grass and debris. He explains that his battery lasts up to 15 minutes while his extra battery lasts up to 25 minutes at the highest speed. He is very satisfied and highly recommends this product.

Another happy customer shares his experience with the Makita Dub floor blower. He says that he uses the blower for photo shoots to blow the model’s hair. This customer found the product to be a great investment because it allows for low speed as well as high speed. Other models do not offer that level of air control. This battery operated blower has been largely beneficial to him and his productivity.

DEWALT DCBL720P1 Brushless Blower Review

The DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless Handheld Blower offers high quality debris clean-up and high air volume speeds of up to 400 cubic feet per minute at 90 miles per hour. The construction of this cordless leaf blower also provides comfort to the consumer as it puts less stress on the arm while in operation. They are also given access to choosing how much speed is required for the job at hand.

DEWALT DCBL720P1 Brushless Blower


  • 400 CFM air volume at 90 MPH
  • High-performance brushless motor
  • Full control of trigger and speed lock
  • Regulates noise- 61 Db(A) – excellent choice for noise sensitive areas
  • Lightweight- Product can be easily used and stored


  • Full control over air speeds
  • Low noise
  • Brushless motor
  • Light-weight and compact
  • Low maintenance- does not include spark plugs, air filters, or carburetors
  • Does not require gas
  • Easy to begin use- Simply pull the trigger and start up


  • Unpredictable battery life – Excellent option would be to purchase an extra battery!

What customers have to say about the DEWALT Brushless Blower

One customer shared his excitement in a comment. He mentioned that he is a homeowner. He has been through his share of outdoor tools such as the 18v/36v/40v Black & Decker as well as the Greenworks 40v device. However, his is fully impressed with the DEWALT Brushless Blower. His tool comes fully equipped with a tube and bagger that helps in splicing up leaves for a more manageable cleanup process. He is satisfied with the 40v 4ah battery included as well. This customer is also pleased that the best leaf blower does not exude loud unruly sounds but rather a leveled buzzing sound. He enjoys that the DEWALT cordless blower is easy to start up. All that is needed is to squeeze the trigger and begin use. The battery is also a favorite feature for this customer. In fact, he compared the DEWALT battery to the Greenworks battery and found that his DEWALT Brushless Blower offers more run time up to nearly twenty minutes. This happy customer loves his yard blower product and recommends it to anyone in need of a high-powered handheld blower.

Another consumer shared his love for the powerful DEWALT cordless leaf blower. He mentions that purchasing this product was mainly for the amber trees he has around his workplace. These trees drop a lot of leaves and seed pods in the autumn. Although they are beautiful, they do pose a safety hazard for pedestrians. With his new leaf blower, he can now clear off the sidewalk easily. He said the cordless device contains a lot of power to clean his large patio space. The lightweight leaf blower works even better on cemented and asphalt areas. This customer loves that the blower is quiet and includes excellent 3Ah batteries that keep him productive for up to 15 minutes. Although there are 9Ah batteries available, he sticks to his 3Ah batteries as they get the job done just fine.


If shoppers are searching for a great cordless leaf blower tool that can tackle small jobs such as clearing off the sidewalk, driveways, and patio yard space, The Black+Decker sweeper tool is a convenient fit. This tool can clear debris from even the toughest places. It operates with a highly efficient battery system and does not weigh much at all. The construction of this cordless blower adds to its convenience because it includes a comfortable handle so that consumers only need to use one hand to operate the device. The Black+Decker sweeper tool is an excellent choice for any quick job!



  • Uses Powerful Battery – The Black+Decker power blower includes the best quality 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery. This provides longer battery life for more productivity.
  • Light-Weight – This leaf blower is certainly not your average bulky cleaning equipment. The Black+Decker cordless leaf blower weights only 3.7 pounds making this device easy to use and store.
  • 120 MPH Sweeper – This device can clean out debris from hard surfaces easily
  • Built-in Scraper – Wet leaves do not stand a chance against this powerful leaf blower. Its inner scraper can pick up anything on hard surfaces.
  • 2-year warranty support


  • Easy to use; Will not put a strain on the wrist
  • Lightweight; Easy to store in any tool shed, trunk, etc.
  • Operates on a high 20-volt MAX Lithium battery system for longer use
  • Quiet device- excellent choice for noise-sensitive areas
  • Picks up anything including soggy leaves with ease


  • Battery does not stay charged; It would be in the customers’ best interest to purchase an extra battery for best results.

What customers say about the Black + Decker LSW20B

One customer expresses her excitement for purchasing the Black+Decker sweeper tool. She mentioned that immediately after purchasing the item, she immediately got started on cleaning up her driveway. There were a lot of wet leaves that she had been unable to remove until using her cordless leaf blower. She said the device works amazing. After having used five other devices like the Black+Decker, nothing tops its excellent cleaning capabilities. It is strong enough for hard surfaces like concrete and cemented areas on driveways, sidewalks, and patios. This customer enjoyed up to 15 minutes of cleaning. She recommends this quiet leaf blower power tool for anyone in need of a convenient device that does not cost “an arm and a leg”.

Another customer mentioned that he enjoys his Black+Decker cordless leaf blower tool so much that he uses it all the time. In fact, this is his best purchase by far. Because he owns a property on the corner of his neighborhood, he gets a lot of leaves that blow in from all directions. While using the blower he realized how quick it took to simply blow all the leaves into one pile. This happy customer uses it to tackle everything from acorns to tree debris. Now he uses it for his entire yard and patio space.

WORX 32-V Leaf Blower Review

The WORX AIR power blower is one of the fastest cleaning systems on the market by far. This system includes a high-efficient 32-volt MAX lithium battery that enables longer use. It can blow debris from the toughest places in the garage or driveway without need for extra tools. This unique leaf blower is all purpose containing eight attachments for an easier and faster clean up job. This helps buyers save on extra unnecessary devices.

WORX 32-V Leaf Blower


  • Lightweight – The WORX multi purpose blower weighs only 4.1 pounds. This enables consumers to tackle any task with ease and store this device virtually anywhere!
  • Versatile – This cordless leaf blower can be used for any clean-up job. Use this device to clean, sweep, brush, dry and clear any space. There is no need for a broom and dust pan with this versatile product.
  • High-Powered Battery – Included is a 32-volt MAX lithium battery which provides longer cleaning times of up to twenty minutes!
  • Extra Attachments – The WORX cordless leaf blower includes nine extra attachments to clean up debris indoors and outdoors.
  • High Air Speed – Get the job done quicker with high-powered 120 mph air speed and 80cfm airflow.


  • Quiet while in use
  • Light weight
  • Cordless; does not require extension cords
  • Multi-Purpose- helps to clean, sweep, dust and dry anything indoors or outdoors
  • 32-Volt Max Lithium Battery- Longer runtime


  • Lacks full air power

What customers say about the Worx 32-volt Air Multi-Purpose Blower/sweeper/cleaner

One customer shared his positive experience with his WORX Multi-Purpose Blower. He mentioned that his favorite feature of the power blower was the weight. The tool is lightweight and makes blowing leaves and dirt from his deck so much easier. When comparing this blower with his gas-powered one, he realized that the WORX leaf blower is so much more powerful. There is no need for extra extension cords. This tool is simple to use and easy to store after use.

Another customer enjoyed her power blower and shared her story. She mentioned that she owned an electric blower prior to purchasing the WORX 32-Volt air blower. One of her biggest pet peeves was that the long cord often got in the way. This made her use the tool a lot less. Now that she has the WORX multi-purpose blower, she loves that it has power to complete her jobs without the hassle of tripping over cords.

Green-Works 24252 Cordless Blower Review

The Greenworks G-MAX Cordless Blower is an excellent replacement for gas and electric leaf blowers. In fact, this cordless tool is the ‘go-to’ device for mostly anything from sweeping to blowing leaves into a heaping pile. The portable leaf blower device includes a variable speed dial, offering the user full control of how much air will be used. Not only that, but the G-MAX 4 AH battery allows up to 35 minutes of run time – so much more than its competitors! This Greenworks leaf blower is fully equipped with a two-piece blower tube, giving more control while sweeping and cleaning.

Green-Works 24252 Cordless Blower


  • GMAX 40-Volt Battery – This high-powered battery is truly one of a kind! It includes 2.0 amp hour lithium ion which gives consumers more run time. In fact, the GMAX cordless blower allows up to 35 minutes of use, blowing its competition out the water!
  • Speed Control – Variable speed dials give consumers the choice of how much air will be used. This tool delivers up to 150 MPH speeds.
  • Lightweight – This tool is not your average heavy leaf blower. Weighing only 3.3 pounds, this item is easy and convenient to use for all yard jobs.
  • Extension Tube – In case you may need a longer nozzle, this leaf blower comes with a tube which connects to the device, giving longer reach and efficiency.


  • Light weight tool
  • Includes high volt battery
  • Longer run time of up to 35 minutes
  • Longer tube length
  • Variable speed dial


  • Makes loud noises while in use

What customers say about Greenworks 40V Variable Speed Cordless Blower

One pleased customer expressed that the Greenworks cordless blower works better than she first expected. She enjoys that the tool includes the variable speed option and cordless design. Once she purchased the item she used it on her front driveway, sidewalks, door porches, and patio. She was able to get the lawn cleaned in less than 15 minutes. As compared to her old blower that required extension cords, this tool gets the job done a lot quicker. This customer loves that she has more control over many of the options. She highly recommends this power tool for every clean up job.

Another customer shared his satisfaction with purchasing his first Greenworks cordless blower. He mentioned that after a full charge, the device runs a full 30 minutes. His favorite feature is the variable speed dial that nestles right under his thumb while operating. This allows him to slow down speed when necessary. This customer also loves that this rechargeable leaf blower is lightweight and uses it regularly to clean out the interior of his car. He also uses the tool to dry his car after washing. The blower is also quiet and does not disturb neighbors. But is this the best leaf blower?


The BLACK+DECKER Power Boost Sweeper is apart of the 20V MAX series, being one of the best battery leaf blowers. This product offers excellent performance. It is the best option for cleaning outdoor areas like the driveway, sidewalk, deck, patio, garage or other areas in which leaves accumulate. This outdoor power tool powers up to 130 MPH and cleans any difficult debris from hard surfaces. It is built with comfort in mind, including a firm grip so that users can really maximize their cleaning experience. This lawn blower device is not the average loud machine. This high powered leaf blower includes built-in noise control. The BLACK+DECKER cordless blower is lightweight, yet great for tough outdoor jobs.



  • POWERBOOST Option – Based on previous customer frustrations, the BLACK+DECKER experts have built a high-efficiency power booster to increase power on the toughest debris. Its blower reaches up to 130 MPH on any hard surface.
  • 20-Volt Lithium Battery– With up to 25 minutes of runtime, users can tackle much of their outdoor jobs with energy to spare.
  • Lightweight Design – This device weighs only 3.7 pounds. Users can operate it with one hand and easily store after use.
  • Comfortable Grip – While tackling outdoor duties it is important to maintain control. This device provides comfort with its premium micro-texture soft grip keeping you in productive.
  • Low Noise – Keep active without the unnecessary noise. This cordless blower operates quietly.
  • 2-Year Warranty – Supported by BLACK+DECKER in case of any defects. This applies to all accidents except abuse, accidental damage. This feature protects your product and will replace or repair free of charge within two days.


  • Ideal for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, decks, garages, and other hard surfaces that accumulate with leaves and debris.
  • Long battery runtime of up to 25 minutes
  • Lightweight design makes operation so easy you can use it with one hand
  • Prevents noise pollution in small communities
  • Upgraded handle for added comfort


  • Sweeper speed lacks speed without the PowerBoost option- Customers should be aware that this product is an upgraded model based on previous frustrations. This option has been added to create the best experience in cleaning and should always be considered to turn on.

What customers have to say about the BLACK + DECKER Power Boost Sweeper

Green-Works 2400202 Cordless Sweeper Review

Greenworks is a popular brand that offers consumers much versatility with their extensive inventory of indoor and outdoor tools. This G-24 System is one of the best models to handle difficult jobs to maintain a beautiful yard. It includes high-performance lithium-ion batteries for long runtime and two-speed blower. This device is also lightweight making the toughest tasks much easier. This battery operated leaf blower clears debris from driveways, sidewalks, decks and other surfaces with up to 25 minutes.

Green-Works 2400202


  • Variable Speed Dial – Users can now control the level of airspeed in the blower. The Greenworks sweeper includes a dial that offers up to 150 mph making it the best option to clear driveways, sidewalks, and any hard surface areas.
  • Lightweight Design – No longer will consumers suffer from fatigue while operating outdoor tools. This device weighs only 3.2 pounds. Can be used with one hand and handled easily.
  • Adjustable Airflow Tip – Users now have more control over wind speeds. Whether you need this device for an easy or tough job, this sweeper adjusts to the consumer’s preference for an improved experience.
  • Low Vibration Levels – When compared to other gas blowers on the market today, the Greenworks device vibrates 50% less.
  • Versatile Battery – With the 24-Volt battery included, customers can use it for over 20 other Greenworks tools for their indoor and outdoor jobs. Whether you are mowing the lawn, using a screwdriver, or vacuuming stubborn debris, purchasers can save money on batteries while enjoying the other products they love from the same brand!


  • Lightweight- Easy and convenient for all jobs
  • Control over wind speeds- versatile for large and small jobs
  • Low noise levels
  • Use the same battery for other Greenworks power products
  • Easy to store
  • Long battery life to complete tasks


  • Faulty power switch

What customers have to say about the Greenworks cordless sweeper

Cordless Leaf Blower Buyers Guide

Why Use a Cordless Leaf Blower?

There are a variety of models when it comes to electric cordless leaf blowers. Purchasing the right one can be very confusing. The choice has to be made since you’ll save a lot of time using a blower for cleaning outdoor areas like driveways, sidewalks, patios, along with other areas exposed to falling leaves.

manual work vs using a leaf blower

Reach the Areas Garden Rake Can’t

One of the major frustrations consumers share is that using their rakes takes up a lot of time. If you simply want to get the job done quicker, consider purchasing a leaf blower. Although it is an investment, it certainly does save on time. There are many options including the backpack blowers that provide fast and efficient cleanup capabilities that rakes simply are unable to measure up to. Not all cordless best leaf blowers are a large investment either. With many on the market today, it is easy to find a quality blower from as little as $50 to approximately $800 for a professional wheeled option, however the best handheld leaf blower we require you to put in some work to find it. Handheld blowers are less expensive costing up to $200. Gasoline backpack power tools can cost up to $300. In addition to all these benefits in purchasing a cordless leaf blower, raking simply does not help your body. In fact, this activity can run the risk of a pulled back muscle, because the average rake (approximately three feet or less) requires more pressure. Cordless leaf blowers take the stress out of outdoor cleaning as it does not require pressure (or wires) in order that it may operate at its fullest capabilities.

Remove the Debris from Your Driveway

A lot of the time small leaves, grass trimmings, and other debris accumulate in our driveways. They get soggy and wet from weather conditions making it much tougher to tackle with the average leaf blower. For this reason, many cordless leaf blowers include a built-in scraper. This feature is excellent in getting even the most stubborn debris off all hard surfaces on driveways, sidewalks, patios and decks.

Leaf Blower Terminology to Remember

MPH (Miles Per Hour)

MPH measures every mile the air travels within each hour of use. This feature is popular in many cordless leaf blowers as manufacturers like to attract customers with high miles per hour numbers. This terminology alone, however, does very little to show how productive the product will be when operating outdoors. Shoppers must also look out for the CFM (cubic feet per minute) to make a better judgment before purchasing. The best electric leaf blower should be fast enough.

CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)

CFM measures very minute that a designated cubic foot of air volume is pushed out of the cordless blower. For example, 350 CFM means that every with every minute, 350 cubic feet of air volume is being expended. This is something to look for when you need to blow a larger amount of debris because it has greater pushing abilities.

Battery Powered Leaf Blower Features to Consider

Why is the Brushless Motor Important?

getting rid of leaves with a cordless blower

There are many advantages in having a brushless motor in your leaf blower. One of the major benefits is that the product does not include brushes and a physical commutator. This means that the model has fewer parts and therefore less possibility in breaking down requiring another motor. Brushless motors are more trusted and tend to last longer than those that include brushes. In fact, it has been found that brushless motors can last up to 10,000 hours in runtime. This feature also contributes to lesser noise and electromagnetic interference. Models that are built without the extra equipment also tend to be lighter and more compact.

Power Lockout

Few models will begin operating on its own. In this way, a lockout switch is essential. There are various mechanical cordless leaf blowers however the more quality devices tend to be electronic. Few models that have the power lockout feature include DEWALT 40V Max, DEWALT FlexVolt, Kobalt, Redback, and Snapper. We highly recommend the DEWALT series for its superb features and great customer reviews.

Accessible Battery Gauge

Many times, your cordless leaf blower will include a battery that indicates the level of power left. There are few models that have a gauge on the device. This is a great feature to help maintain productivity while clearing out the driveway, sidewalks, garage, and deck. It prevents consumers from unexpected battery failure while working. In this way, there is no longer a need to keep pausing in between jobs to switch or recharge batteries. The gauge will keep users on task. At the moment, all cordless leaf blowers have this feature.

Cruise Control

It is very convenient for a best cordless leaf blower to include the cruise control feature. This enables consumers to let go of the trigger while the device operates. Having this feature helps prevent muscle cramping while you remain on task. It also helps when the trigger is uncomfortable. Speed trigger allows you to maintain the airflow according to your preference. Although cruise control is a popular feature on many models on the market today, there are few that do not yet have it. Unfortunately, one brand that does not have cruise control is BLACK+DECKER. However, the cordless leaf blowers that do have this, also include a sliding speed control (with exception of the Makita leaf blowers). Included is a push in trigger lock on the speed dial for extra control. Models that currently include cruise control are the DEWALT 40V Max, DEWALT FlexVolt, Greenworks, Makita, and WORX.

Long Vs Short Nozzle

While tackling any cleanup job it is important to have versatility and comfort. For this reason, many cordless best leaf blowers include extra nozzles to help handle any small or large task. Some nozzles are best for certain jobs while others get it done in record time. For example, large jobs that require blowing leaves into a heaping pile or clearing out the driveway and sidewalk, are great when a long nozzle is used. Long nozzles enable effortless performance and the prevents muscle strain that would occur when raking. Short nozzles, however, are an excellent option for smaller jobs. Many customers purchase cordless blowers to simply clear out the interior of a vehicle or quickly tackle stubborn debris. This works well for jobs that need a quick fix or spot treatment. It would be in the customer’s best interest to choose the correct length that accommodates their need.

best portable leaf blower

Things to Know About Lithium Ion Battery Powered Leaf Blower

The Lithium Ion battery is included in many leafless blowers today. In essence, the lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery where its ions travel from a negative electrode to a positive electrode in a continuous pattern when discharging and recharging.

This is because lithium-ion batteries include an intercalated lithium compound, whereas non-rechargeable batteries operate on metallic lithium. This type of battery is a popular feature in home electronics today. Lithium-Ion batteries are quickly replacing lead-acid batteries, providing similar voltage and less change to the electronic system. Although this is an excellent battery to have for your cordless leaf blower, it is to be noted that they can pose safety hazards as they are built with flammable electrolyte.

In fact, if a consumer charges the battery cell quickly, the blower can result in a short circuit which could potentially lead to explosions or fires. Thankfully experts have been stricter on testing standards.

Health & Environment Considerations

  • The amount of gas burned in lawn and garden equipment
  • Large amounts of fuel required contributing to high waste
  • Harsh chemical solvents that help clean spark plugs, fuel and air filters, etc. All the listed evaporate into the air, seep into the soil, or poured down the drain
  • Environmental hazards come from toxic gas and oil, carcinogenic emissions, and even high sound levels.
  • Gas emissions negatively impacts our soil, air, and water resources. The negative implications show in quality of life and climate change.

Leaf Blower Safety Tips

As with any device, handling an electric leaf blower requires safety precautions to be set in place for the consumer. Here are our best tips to keep in mind while using your cordless leaf blower:

  1. Avoid the Rain

    Do not use your device in rainy conditions or while the ground is still wet. Wet conditions like this can cause accidents. In addition to this, rainy weather tends to make leaves and dirt heavier than usual. It would be your best bet to avoid all such conditions so that injuries are prevented ahead of time.
  2. Prepare First

    Before operating your electric leaf blower, it is essential to prepare for proper use. First, consumers should give heed to laws protecting leaf blowers. Some locations are protected against such devices and do not permit the use in these areas. Try to keep neighbors in mind to prevent noise pollution. To maintain safe practices for health and environment, it is recommended that consumers use electric grounds maintenance equipment as they do not emit loud noises as gas machines do. Next, check your device to see if it has encountered damage, wear, and tear, or loosening. Before beginning to use the device, be sure that your working area is clear of small children, pets, and other people. Keep all bystanders away at least 50 feet. Also, keep the blower away from the direction of bystanders.
  3. Protect Yourself

    It is imperative to wear protective gear while operating the battery leaf blower. Keep eyes and body shielded from flying debris and dirt. Wear long pants and gloves. Cover your eyes with protective eye goggles or glasses. To prevent hearing loss, wear earplugs or any other ear protector that keeps loud sounds from affecting your ears.
  4. Being in operation

    Now that preliminary safety precautions have been addressed, you can now get started. However, it is important to consider such situations to keep yourself and others safe:
    • Immediately shut off device if you are being approached.
    • Never aim the leaf blower tool in the direction of any bystander.
    • Keep outdoor leaf blower tool for outdoor use and avoid using for indoor cleaning.
    • Clean inner parts of tool from all debris while off.
    • Leaf blowers should be used on flat and dry areas. Avoid wet and slippery locations.
    • Aim dirt and debris to the opposite of your direction to keep elements from flying into your eyes.
    • Never use the cordless leaf blower tool while elevated. Do not use while on a ladder, rooftop, or other unstable surfaces. This could cause serious injury.
  5. Store Safely

    When you are done using your cordless blower tool, power the device off. Allow the device to cool off. Next, clean the outside and inner air intake areas with a cloth. Check the leaf blower to ensure that it has been cleared of dirt and debris. Keeping a clean leaf blower always makes its use so much more powerful and easier.


pretty lawn with no leaves

Gone are the days that consumers will have to rely on rakes that often result in strained muscle and fatigue to clean their yards. Today, the electric leaf blower is making a positive impact on how we maintain our beautiful driveways, sidewalks and patios. There are so many options to choose from, and all you have to do is check some electric leaf blower reviews, which we provide above. Many power leaf blowers come equipped with variable speed levers, extra nozzles for better control, powerful batteries, and even vacuum abilities! Some devices even come with unique options like cruise control and shoulder straps for added convenience.

We consider the Greenworks PRO GBL80300 to be the best leaf blower, mostly due to its excellent performance. This great product cleans debris over the toughest surfaces like walkways, driveways, patios, and decks and comes with an 80-Volt lithium-ion battery which boosts clean up time (up to 70 min time and sustains a longer battery life.

We hope that you have been educated on the importance of using such cleaning technology, the many options available, features to look out for, as well as helpful safety tips to abide by in your search for the best cordless leaf blower with battery. If you’re not sure what to choose, pick one product from our recommended leaf blowers list. Consider any of the leaf blowers and the information here for your next outdoor project! Now you have everything you need to find the best cordless leaf blower.